Hey, this is Juraj, aka J Ray, aka Citizen XX79.
I am Bristol based artist, working across various disciplines and sectors.

With background in traditional art, electronic engineering, Masters in Conceptual Design and postgradual Film studies, I am creating and developing audio-visual content and IP for games, animated series, documentaries, short films, events and businesses.
Experienced in directing animation productions and developing creative concepts from the ground up, I am always going for unconventional approach first, challenging the comfort zone, introducing new techniques and looking for efficient ways to make each project unique, whether it's an agency work or indie commission.
Working with both, analogue and digital tools, I am specialising in 2D/3D Animation and Motion Design, Concept Art and New Interactive Media.

My artistic practice includes audio-visual art, new media, painting, drawing, photography and videography.
Study, observation and imagination are driving forces behind my process. My subjects are often fictional. When I portray reality, it’s through the camera lens and figurative drawing or painting. I play guitar, samplers and synthesizers, often combining my sound work with generative and audio-reactive visuals.
Thanks to my early escapades as a Sci-Fi and Fantasy illustrator, I’ve developed strong interest in genre film and fiction, and continue creating also in these pop-cultural realms.

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