BOILED IN WIFI is a storyworld of distant dystopian future created by Juraj Molčák.

The BIW originally was only visual concept based on the biomachanical and cyberpunk aesthetics. Later on the random stories were emerging around various characters, which now work as a foundation for bigger picture.
It’s the future of our planet after centuries of technological progress and gene manipulation. The borders between an artificial and a natural has faded so much that the original concept of diversity and characterization has lost it’s meaning. This is the civilzsation where the pure, unique forms of nature are the subject of myths, legends and tales.
Aleph, the Sci-Fi movie in development, is set in the early stages of this BIW Universe evolution.
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2021 Juraj Molčák

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2021 Juraj Molčák