Improvised stop-motion animation created in two days of the Open Space 5 workshop.

An old steam mill located in Kosarovce, a small village in the east of Slovakia, took an important part during Slovak National Uprising, supplying partisan units with necessities. Artefacts found in the interior of the mill - helmets, no smoking sign, mechanism parts - inspired me to tell this ghost story of a partisan who wants to light his cigarette, a common feature of a soldier, but the mill won't let him do it due to the fire safety restrictions.

The font of the titles is designed by typographer Samuel Carnoky and is based on text engraved on the walls of the mill.




Short environmental story about relationship between human and nature in which giving and receiving works both ways.

Prize Winner - Ekotopfilm 2012
Selection - IFF Bratislava 2012
Selection - Green Unplugged 2013.



The Bee Masters

Spec movie trailer. Homage to B-grade genre films.

Winner - Best VFX - CG Society Challenge XXV.




Steampunk twist to the legend of Elizabeth Báthory, the countess of blood.
Much loved but unfinished short.



Adventures Of Lifter Joe

Spec TV show teaser.

Honorary Mention - CG Society Challenge XXII.



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