by Juraj Molčák

Bristol based Animation Director, Creative Director, Motion Designer and Concept Artist.

With background in traditional art, electronic engineering, Masters in Conceptual Design and a postgradual Film studies, I spent over 15 years creating and developing audio-visual content and IP for games, animated series, documentaries, short films, events and businesses.

Whether it's an agency work or indie commission, I am always going for unconventional approach first, challenging the comfort zone, introducing new techniques and looking for efficient ways to make each project unique.

My commercials portfolio includes work done for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Herman Miller, Procter & Gamble, World Vision, Accor, Pukka Herbs, Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Sony PlayStation...  

Working with both, analogue and digital tools, I am specialising in 2D/3D Animation and Motion Design, Concept Art and New Interactive Media.

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