HELLO, my name is Juraj.

I make things* that go well with popular culture and visual art.

* paintings, illustrations, games, films, music, photography. I am all around the house.

The three core elements of my work are characters, story and sound.
Three is a good number. I like Ten better, but it’d be overwhelming to focus on ten things.

I explore human form, stereotypes and archetypes of our society, emotions that make us humans or animals. Study, observation and imagination are driving forces behind my interest in creating new characters for various story worlds.

I work with fictional narrative mostly. When I portray reality it’s usually through photography and figurative art. It’s often stylised though.

Musically I am quite eclectic. It’s where my mood drives me playing guitar, samplers and analog synthesizer. I have a tendency to go somewhere in the direction of indie, blues, punk and idm. 

I am earning my living as a freelance designer, animator and story artist.

Born in Slovakia, now residing in Bristol, UK.

MA in conceptual design and postgradual film studies.




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