MEET MONO is the world of adventures and mystery created by Juraj Molčák.

Juraj begun his work on the idea of main character Mono in late 2011. Since then the world of Mono went thru many changes in both look and story development.
The adventure evolves around two mystery hunters Mono and his companion Dready “DD” Drew. Together they are searching for the origin of the strange events that are linked to the mythical past of human race.

The aesthetics borrow from the tropes of old-times radio drama, film noir, psychedelia, impossible figures and Art Deco.
The main story line has fixed ending but this fictional world offers many meandering paths before we get there.
After various options for what storytelling platform to choose for this project, Meet Mono is now set to get the shape of the adventure-type computer game.

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All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 Juraj Molčák

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 Juraj Molčák