RAYPUNK COMICS is an indie publishing label created by Juraj “J Ray” Molčák under which he creates work of amusing adult pop fiction. 

ROBOTS & CATS (and MONSTERS) is a storyworld driven by the pure joy of old-time Sci-Fi adventures, it’s naive, erotically charged, borrowing from the tropes of B-movies and classic Kaiju. In this world the human-cat like creatures that go by name Cath, fight the naughty life_abusing cyborgs.
MEET MONO is full on noir, thrill, puzzles, paranormal and psychedelia. Two mystery hunters Jack Mono and his companion Dready “DD” Drew are searching for the origin of the strange events that are linked to the mythical past of human race.

ANIMALIA X are simple erotic Sci-Fi stories about one of the possible ends of human race as we know it. The super techy but confused alien race is involved in this mess as well.
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All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 Juraj Molčák

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2019 Juraj Molčák